Memory Care

A Compassionate Care Solution for the Memory-Impaired:

When someone close to us suffers from the memory loss, the supervisory requirements and demands on emotional strength can be overwhelming.  At both of our locations conveniently located just outside Akron, Ohio, The Gardens at Western Reserve offers a residential solution for individuals experiencing memory-related impairment, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

We have focused our expertise in residential care together with specialized facilities and expert staff to bring this unique solution to the Gardens of Western Reserve. Secure, specialty homes have been designed to enable residents the maximum opportunity for fulfillment while minimizing the risks associated with memory loss. The simple home-like setting, which includes a courtyard, walkways and common areas, preserves personal dignity by allowing independence and mobility without frustration. It provides peace of mind for residents, staff and relatives with secure design features that prevent injury and personal failures.

We understand the importance of helping our residents continue to lead productive, independent lives. That is why we provide whatever assistance is needed to make it possible. Whether it’s help dressing, bathing, toileting or perhaps supervision at mealtimes, our residents receive just the right amount of aid and encouragement from people specially trained to care for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

The emotional health for our memory-impaired residents is foremost at our concerns, so we’ve taken all the necessary steps to assure their contentment. The home-like setting allows residents to participate in domestic activities, such as baking under the supervision of Gardens of Western Reserve’s staff or with a family member. Other special activities  which are available throughout the day, are simple and varied and afford ample opportunity for success and accomplishment. The small size of our specialty home allows close interaction of staff and residents so that matters of lifestyle and personal habits get the attention they deserve. Meals are served in a dining room setting and snacks are available throughout the day.